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Medical Marijuana: The New Miracle Drug

What if suddenly out of the blue, your credit card transaction is rejected? Your finances are all still in good condition but no good reasons were given to you for the revocation. This was common during the days before the legalization of the possession and sale of medical marijuana.

This did not happen just once or twice, but quite repeatedly in many states previous to the legalization of medical cannabis. You don’t even have to possess or sell marijuana, just being involved in some aspect of the business can be reason enough for a credit provider to cut your credit. When asked, the credit company justified its termination of the credit arrangement by citing the fact that the company’s involvement with medical marijuana was never disclosed in its web pages.

And even though the company offered to correct the omission, the credit provider refused to reinstate the credit facility.

You can imagine the huge negative impact of the credit provider’s decision on worldwide business transactions.

The main argument against medical marijuana was the lack of evidence to prove the efficacy of the use of medical marijuana.

Especially, big pharma and scores of medical practitioners who rake in millions and billions through the sale of chemo and other cancer drugs adamantly protest any proposed legislation that will result to a loss in their revenues. Nevertheless, investigations and tests continue to be conducted to find alternative and safer methods of ingesting marijuana, in whatever form, be they inhaled as smoke, eaten as cookies or as oil extracts.

Some government and large private entities that oppose cannabinoid drugs aver that although a component, notably THC, was found to have beneficial effects, other drugs offer better results.

Also, before the medicine is approved, more tests and evaluations are needed to ensure the safety of the general public.

The world has long in the dark regarding the truth about marijuana.

Many negative results have been attributed to the use of marijuana. But marijuana is not addictive. Neither is it harmful as many studies and tests conducted by recognized medical institutions and medical professionals have shown. Many modern and scientific studies now debunk the old mistaken belief that marijuana does harm to anybody.

The rush to take advantage of the huge earnings made possible present those involved in the business many challenges that need to be hurdled.

The mass production of the product, financing of operations, marketing, the opening of dispensaries and online stores selling cannabis, licensing, government control of all the operations and many other auxiliary services all need to be employed.

With the continued success of the movement to legalize medical marijuana, the preparations are moving and escalating toward the more efficient reaping of the financial benefits.

No one can foretell what the future will bring.

Today, the medicinal properties of a wonder drug are slowly being recognized, the drug presently available and is now in use towards preserving the health of everyone in the world, the future looks bright.
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